“RELEASED & REVIVED” is a community of Faith + works, prosperity, and beauty for creatives, entrepredoers, enthusiast, visionaries, dreamers, and those downright passionate about GOD! We are here to help each other release all that God has placed within us to step into our purpose. As courageous business owners and ambassadors for Christ we find strength in sharing our struggles as well as providing resources that aid in creating our successes. We thank God for allowing us to create a place to help us revive our minds, drive, businesses, and ultimately our relationship with Christ. We also hope that this will be a place of upliftment and encouragement to push pass current circumstances and find new hope. God didn’t mean for us to do this life alone (even though we often try). We NEED community to grow. Our belief is once we are ‘Released’ from whatever is holding us stagnate only then will we be ‘Revived’.

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Love , Keniece